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Shape the Future of Climate Stewardship in Prince George's County, Maryland

Dear Climate Champions:

On behalf of the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center (UMD EFC), we extend a warm invitation to you to contribute your valuable insights to a pioneering community training initiative, the Climate Stewardship Training Program.

Communities worldwide are grappling with the multifaceted challenges posed by a changing climate, impacting safety, economies, and overall ways of life. The burdens are particularly pronounced in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, which often bear a disproportionate vulnerability to climate impacts. Effectively addressing these threats necessitates the mobilization of support and resources at the local level, centered around concrete actions.

Funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s Prince George’s County Stormwater Stewardship Grant Program, the UMD EFC is actively working on a pilot initiative in Prince George's County. The goal is to create a climate stewardship training program that empowers residents to take the lead in implementing local climate actions. Graduates of this program will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to instigate necessary changes and disseminate crucial ideas.

To ensure that the Climate Stewardship Training Program aligns with the needs of your community, we kindly request your participation in a brief 15-minute survey. Please complete this 15-minute survey before February 20, 2024. Your responses will play a pivotal role in shaping the structure, curriculum, and content of the program. Rest assured, all responses will be treated with strict confidentiality.

We encourage participation from a diverse range of individuals, including students, educators, and lifelong learners. Your perspectives on what works best for you will immensely contribute to the success of the program. Feel free to share the survey link with your neighbors and friends, as your collective input can potentially make a significant impact.

For any questions or assistance, please reach out to at the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center.

Thank you for your time and commitment to building a resilient and informed community.


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